Organized October: Barriers to Entry

I'm declaring this month: Organized October! I am so excited to get into some tips and tricks for getting and staying organized throughout your wedding planning process! 

But, before we can even get to tips and tricks of staying organized for your wedding, I want to address something we all could probably use a little help with and that's how to get past the initial barrier to entry and just get started. I'm sure I'm not the only procrastinator here so this week I'll be going over a couple of excuses you may be using to stop yourself from getting started on a project. Maybe you are recently engaged (Congrats!) and don't know where to start. Or maybe you've already started planning but reached a sticking point and can't motivate yourself to get back at it. Whatever it is, try to ask yourself why it is that you can't sit down and start the project. Find which category your answer fits into below: 

You don't know what to do or don't feel like you have enough information to start. Okay so you are unsure of where or even how to start the project so you put it off. Maybe you are intimidated by the scope of weddings and how much is involved. You let your intimidation of the project stop you from starting it and you rationalize that if you can only just get a little bit more information first, then you can begin. I know this very well. I like to have a good understanding of something before I feel comfortable with it. It is why I research so much because I feel like I can't "just wing it" like other people can. This isn't a bad thing, but it is something that you need to work through to break past the barrier to entry. The trick here is to just sit down, even for five minutes, and just push through that barrier. You may not feel like you have enough information to start, but you will only get the information you need once you've started. I find that when I tell myself I have to do just five minutes, I sit down and get so into my work that before I know it, it's been 2 hours and I'm making progress on my project. Even working for five minutes can be that initial push that you need to kickstart your planning. A quick and shameless planner plug: your wedding planner is the perfect person to ask for advice on where to start or what to do if you are unsure. 

You dread what you have to do. This one is hard because it takes self motivation and self determination. You know you have something that needs to get done, but you really don't want to do it, especially when you can think of 100 other things that you would rather be doing. The trick here is to find something - anything - you like about the project and start there. Maybe you dread the thought of budgeting and creating a guest list and finding a venue, but you can't wait to pick out the bridesmaid dresses. That is where you should start. If you get yourself to start the project in any way, you are more likely to continue and handle the things you don't really want to do as well. My planner plug here is that you can have your planner work on the tasks that you dread. Take a peak at some of the different wedding packages to see what is involved in full service wedding planning (Ultimate and Basic Design Packages) and what is included for only Day of Coordination. You may find a full service plan to be more worth your time and frustration! 

You don't have time to do it. This might be the hardest of all three obstacles to overcome. If you already have a lot on your plate, it's hard to motivate yourself to start such a big project when you know you will have no time to work on it. The trick here is to ask your planner (because as the successful, busy bride you are, you will absolutely need a full service planner) to give you a checklist of your tasks and when they need to be done. Schedule your tasks one by one so that you can take bites out of the project, little bits at a time. A full service planner will be the biggest bang for your buck. Not only will you save time, you'll be less stressed and still have the wedding you've always wanted. 

Hope you've all enjoyed this post and come back next week for more Organized October! 

Style September: Tasteful Personalization

It's officially the last week of Style September and today I'm talking about Tasteful Personalization! 

What does tasteful personalization mean? Of course, it's fun to have a new set of initials to put on everything you own: wine glasses, luggage tags, and that new placemat in the registry. The thought of having personalized wedding items sounds equality as fun, but initials on everything can get old quickly. Here's a few pointers about how to keep it tasteful. 

Think about the frame. Think about your photos and what will be captured in each frame: cake table, head table , ceremony site, etc... Don't have more than one thing personalized within that photo frame. If your cake table has a gorgeous cake topper with your names, don't also have your names on the cookies, napkins and votives. If you have your monogram on a laser cut, wooden centerpiece on your head table, you don't also need monogrammed flutes and napkins. Personalization on select items within each frame offers an added element of something special, without being overbearing. 

DO personalize your favors and gifts. Favors from your wedding are what your guests get to take away to remember this special day. Feel free to monogram and personalize these with your names, wedding date, etc to ensure your guests take away something with meaning. Think about how a photo of a place is far less meaningful than a photo of a loved one in that place. Personalized gifts and favors are far less likely to be thrown away after your event than ones with no personalization or special meaning. 

Personalization is more than a monogram. Personalizing your wedding is about more than just monogram in anything and everything you can get your hands on. It is about making your wedding theme, style, decor, and even the flow of your wedding events about you. For example, if you both are avid climbers, incorporate your passion into your wedding in your stylistic choices. If you love to dance and don't really care for cake, spend your night dancing and skip the cutting of the cake. Talk to you planner and communicate what are the important items to you and your planner will can help you create a wedding timeline and flow that best meets your needs. 

Overall, your wedding style will be amazing when you stay true to yourself. If you are interested in design help, take a peak at our Ultimate Design Package to create your wedding vision with unique, handcrafted design elements. I will personally work with you to make your design dream a reality and craft a wedding that is true to you. Complete this for a free quote

Get excited for next month: it's Organized October! I will be giving you tips and tricks for staying organized while planning your wedding! 

Style September: 3 Timeless Styles

Okay for all to you who read last week's post and aren't satisfied; I totally get you, so this week I am actually going to give you 3 timeless style ideas for your timeless wedding!

Vintage: Think Glamorous Gatsby or Romantic Victorian. Ironically enough, one way to love your style in the future is to look to the past. Here's the deal, vintage styles are quite obviously, no longer in style; however, you already know how you feel about them, many years later. If you replicate one of these styles, your wedding will be encased in the era of your choice and remain timeless. A trick here - don't be afraid to tell your guests the theme so they can dress accordingly! 

Classic: Think Country Club and Cable Knit. Classics are classic for a reason. Classic colors like white, navy, and black have remained staples over time because they root themselves in tradition, like the white wedding dress. Stick with traditional elements and simple elegance. Think of roses and china in a country club or historic mansion. A trick here - go back through photos of different time periods and find the elements that come up decade after decade. 

Natural: Think Beautiful and Serene Nature. The focus on this theme is the natural and timeless beauty of the landscape. A mountain top, rolling fields, or ocean can be almost your entire wedding decoration. Keep your decor minimal and neutral in color to focus on the beauty of your location. A trick here - take every opportunity to incorporate the landscape around you, maybe that means romantic photos in front of that gorgeous waterfall! 

Style September: Timeless Wedding

Let's talk about creating a "timeless" wedding. Don't feel bad, everyone has seen photos of a relative's wedding and shuddered. Of course, the love captured is timeless beauty, but the style - not so much. So how do you make sure that you don't look back on your photos 20 years from now and feel the same way? 

I'm sorry to tell you that there is no way to guarantee that you won't feel this way. One of the main reasons isn't even in our control: technology. Think about the quality of your relatives' photos. The quality of photography will advance over time, making your wedding photos appear outdated. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to change that. However, you can still take steps towards loving your wedding for life. The answer lies in finding your true style. 

For a long time in planning my own wedding, I was concerned about picking things that I thought would stand the test of time - nothing to big or out there. But in doing so, I was risking not really loving my wedding style. I was picking things because I thought they would look good in 20 years, not because I loved them. Loving your wedding style is the true key to an amazing wedding you will always look back upon with fondness. Who cares if sideswept hair is a trend of 2014, if you absolutely love it, then that is what you should do. Conversely however, if you aren't sure if you love it because it is a trend, then you should refer back to your wedding board to see if you have stalked the look over time.  As I spoke about last week, it's important to give yourself some time to find what you truly love. Trends find a funny way of making it into our hearts. The more you see a particular style or color, the more it grows on you. When a color trend comes out, there are so many beautiful photos of that color everywhere you look, that it's hard not to fall in love. So start saving those photos to find what you love over time; the things that are persistent. When you've created your wedding style, you will love your wedding even if the photos seem to age over time.



Style September

Hi there! I'm designating this September as: Style September! Each week this month I'll be going over an aspect of Wedding Style! 

Finding your wedding style is one of the best parts of the wedding planning process! Surely enough you've already started following, pinning, and saving photos from the thousands of gorgeous photos on the Knot, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Undoubtedly, you've already noticed that there are hundreds of beautiful wedding styles, but how do you pick just one? You love neutrals, but the rich, fall wedding you pinned looks so cozy. Not to mention that gorgeous, bold summer wedding on the beach! 

Finding YOUR wedding style can take some time, so don't fret! Keep pinning and saving photos of the things you like and over the span of a few months, go back through those pins. Do you see anything that keeps coming up over and over again? Maybe you notice that you've liked different seasonal wedding photos each month, but those neutrals just keep coming up, time after time. Or you notice that you can't scroll more than three photos without seeing some sort of beach motif. 

If you follow this method, not only will you get a sense of what you truly love, you will also save yourself from falling for trends that you may look back on and feel weren't your true style.

Come back next week for another post on Wedding Style! 

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