Jammin' July

What is it about summer that brings out the Bob Marley? It's the intense sun, hot, sweaty days, and whiff of sunscreen that just make you wish you were at the beach with a frozen drink, jammin' to some tropical music. Obviously I can go on forever about summer and the beach because I love them, but this month's post is about music! How do you select the right kind of wedding entertainment? 

Everyone knows of the two of the major options for wedding entertainment: DJ or band. So which one is for you? Generally people will know what they want for their entertainment. DJ people love variety, the original version of songs, and often prefer music that isn't really played by a band (dance music). Band people love authenticity, the excitement of live music, and often prefer music that is played by a band. But they each have their drawbacks. I've seen weddings where the live band butchers the couple's first dance song because it wasn't in their repertoire, and weddings where the DJ can't quite catch the attention of the group to go dance. So these are things to keep in mind while you make your decision. 

One idea could be not to choose at all! Have you heard of bands that play the live music BUT keep the vocals to the original songs? This is a fun way to capture the essence of live entertainment while also retaining the song's original sound. 

If you are set on having a DJ, maybe you want to consider having some live music during dinner. A single performer can be a very classy way to pass the dinner hour - try a vocalist or solo classical guitarist. Not picky about your music and want to save some money? Go to the local high school or college to find students who are willing to play for the dinner hour. (Just keep an eye on the food.) 

Whatever you do choose, make sure to communicate with your vendor to be sure of the best outcome. Absolutely watch them perform before booking! If you go with a DJ, be sure to use a list of approved and disapproved songs; let them know whether or not you want them to take suggestions from guests; and communicate with them how active you want the crowd to be. (Maybe you want them calling people out on the dance floor or maybe you want people to not be pressured into dancing.) If you go with a band, make sure they can play your first dance song and any other must have songs; ask them about their music variety; and ask them what music is played during break times. 

Just be sure to pick the kind of music you like - it will be a long night if you aren't enjoying it out on the dance floor!