Judge June

This month is Judge June because I am encouraging you to go forth and be judgmental! 

Excitedly planning your upcoming wedding? Well, one of the best ways to figure out what you do and do not want at your wedding is to attend other weddings and take notes! Have friends getting married soon? Take notes of what you like and dislike about being a guest at their wedding. Obviously, it is not polite to express your dislikes to your wedding host, but many of those dislikes can inform you on how you would like your wedding to feel for your own guests. Some things to take particular note of: 

Ceremony: How did you feel about the wedding ceremony length? Did you like how the bridesmaids and groomsmen entered and exited? Were there special words you expected to hear during the vow exchange? Were you comfortable (seating, temperature, lighting)? Could you hear  and see the entire ceremony? 

Reception: Did you like the table and reception layout? Was there an open bar - and if not - would you have preferred an open bar? Were there any special toasts that you enjoyed? How did you feel about the timeliness of the dinner and dessert service? Buffet or plated? How did you feel about the order of events: dinner, toasts, first dances, etc...? Were there any fun additions like a Photo Booth or sparkler sendoff? Did the reception run too late or end too early? Was it a DJ or a band? Did people dance and stay until the end? 

Attending someone else's wedding can really give you a lot of ideas for your own wedding - whether it is something you like and have to include in yours, or something so bad that you make sure your guests do not endure the same issues. So do not feel bad about judging their wedding - just remember to be polite when the bride and groom ask you how you felt about their wedding - it was likely the best day of their lives and there is no need to diminish that in their eyes.