March Madness: Reeling in the Wedding Planning Insanity

Happy March and welcome to this month's topic, of course: March Madness! Of course basketball is the first thing you think of, but this month, March Madness is so much more! This month only, we are offering a truly MAD deal: FREE Day-Of Services to anyone who books a Diamond or Pearl Design Package for the 2018 season!* This is a $1000 value! We know it's CRAZY, but hey it's March Madness! Plus, keep reading for some tips on how to keep your sanity while planning your wedding! 

So how do you keep your sanity when you have multiple sets of parents, grandparents, and other family members and friends who are all giving you helpful wedding advice, generally unwanted feedback, and just plain nasty criticism on every little wedding decision you try to make? Here's a couple tips on keeping your sanity in check and maintaining a healthy relationship with those around you. 

1. Listen. Okay so I know you are thinking that this is what is making you insane in the first place. All of the advice/feedback/criticism is too much to handle. You want to shut everyone out and just make your own decisions. I understand! But the trick is, people will be less likely to continue to repeat themselves if they feel like they have been heard. That means that bridesmaid that has repeated said she hates the dresses you've picked will stop telling that to you if you sit down with her and truly make her feel heard. I recommend even taking notes. Then do not reply immediately!!! Say you will take their advice or concerns into consideration. That prevents an argument from breaking out and gives you some time of peace and quiet. 

2. Explain why you are not going to take their advice. This one is a tough one. Once you have listened and given a couple days of "reflection" (aka your peace and quiet time before breaking the bad news), give the person a reason why you have considered their opinion and decided against it. Start with something positive like: "I really appreciate that you have taken the time to suggest this" or "I really value your input". Be sure to add that you have listened: "I understand why you think that this is the best option". And then deliver the news in a polite way: "but we have decided that this is best for us". When people feel that their ideas have been thoughtfully considered, they will feel more a part of the process. 

3. If you have a particularly hard time with someone, this is the time to call in some backup. Talk to your partner about the issues you are having and then take a step back and let them try to talk to the person. Or, call in the heavy duty back up: the planner to lay down the law. I don't mind explaining decisions to an angry mother-in-law or taking the blame. This day is about you and your family and those connections come first. If you are feeling overwhelmed, the best course of action is to take a step back so that you don't accidentally say something in the heat of the moment that will affect your relationships.

Finally, #treatyoself. Enough said. Take a peak at our Diamond and Pearl Design Packages as they have been newly redesigned for 2017! And don't miss out on this MAD deal for March Madness!

*Terms: Subject to availability. Only applies to weddings scheduled January to August 2018. Must sign wedding contract for a Diamond or Pearl Package and pay the deposit by March 31, 2017 to receive discount.