Style September

Hi there! I'm designating this September as: Style September! Each week this month I'll be going over an aspect of Wedding Style! 

Finding your wedding style is one of the best parts of the wedding planning process! Surely enough you've already started following, pinning, and saving photos from the thousands of gorgeous photos on the Knot, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Undoubtedly, you've already noticed that there are hundreds of beautiful wedding styles, but how do you pick just one? You love neutrals, but the rich, fall wedding you pinned looks so cozy. Not to mention that gorgeous, bold summer wedding on the beach! 

Finding YOUR wedding style can take some time, so don't fret! Keep pinning and saving photos of the things you like and over the span of a few months, go back through those pins. Do you see anything that keeps coming up over and over again? Maybe you notice that you've liked different seasonal wedding photos each month, but those neutrals just keep coming up, time after time. Or you notice that you can't scroll more than three photos without seeing some sort of beach motif. 

If you follow this method, not only will you get a sense of what you truly love, you will also save yourself from falling for trends that you may look back on and feel weren't your true style.

Come back next week for another post on Wedding Style!