Style September: 3 Timeless Styles

Okay for all to you who read last week's post and aren't satisfied; I totally get you, so this week I am actually going to give you 3 timeless style ideas for your timeless wedding!

Vintage: Think Glamorous Gatsby or Romantic Victorian. Ironically enough, one way to love your style in the future is to look to the past. Here's the deal, vintage styles are quite obviously, no longer in style; however, you already know how you feel about them, many years later. If you replicate one of these styles, your wedding will be encased in the era of your choice and remain timeless. A trick here - don't be afraid to tell your guests the theme so they can dress accordingly! 

Classic: Think Country Club and Cable Knit. Classics are classic for a reason. Classic colors like white, navy, and black have remained staples over time because they root themselves in tradition, like the white wedding dress. Stick with traditional elements and simple elegance. Think of roses and china in a country club or historic mansion. A trick here - go back through photos of different time periods and find the elements that come up decade after decade. 

Natural: Think Beautiful and Serene Nature. The focus on this theme is the natural and timeless beauty of the landscape. A mountain top, rolling fields, or ocean can be almost your entire wedding decoration. Keep your decor minimal and neutral in color to focus on the beauty of your location. A trick here - take every opportunity to incorporate the landscape around you, maybe that means romantic photos in front of that gorgeous waterfall!