Nuptial November: Adding Meaning to Your Ceremony

Welcome to Nuptial November! This month is all things Wedding Ceremony!! How can you add meaning to your wedding ceremony? How should you navigate the legalities of marriage? And what are the roles and responsibilities of each attendee?  We are going into it all this month. For the first week, we are adding meaning to your wedding ceremony in some unique ways! 

The first thing you think you when you want to add meaning to your ceremony is to write your own vows. While that is a wonderful way, not everyone has the gall to write their own vows and recite them in front of their family and friends. And that is okay! It doesn't make your ceremony any less meaningful if you choose not to write your own vows. In fact, if you or your partner are uncomfortable speaking in front of groups, your ceremony might actually be better without it! The ceremony is so emotional and powerful that even great public speakers find that they have a hard time fighting back tears to recite their vows. And while a teary, emotional recital of vows can be beautiful to watch, it can also be hard to hear or understand. The good news is that there are several other ways to incorporate meaning into your wedding ceremony. Here are a few options, but feel free to be creative on your own: 

Have a family member read a passage, special poem, or favorite quote. The family member will feel honored while also adding a unique element to the wedding. One thing to note here is that your family member might be facing similar struggles you face when thinking about public speaking so be sure to come up with a gentle way to ask your family member and make sure that they feel comfortable saying no thank you.

Have your officiant read a special passage, poem, or favorite quote. You will have a bit of personalization to make your ceremony unique and special to the two of you. Be sure to bring this up with your officiant well ahead of time to make sure that this is okay with them. If this is something critical to you, be sure to bring this up to your officiant before booking to make sure they allow this. 

Plan to exchange a letter with your fiancé immediately before the ceremony or during your first look. This letter can be those vows you have been working on or it can be a fun, silly letter. Be sure to tell your photographer about this letter so they can have a chance to capture the emotional moment when you and your fiancé read these letters. 

These are just a few ideas, but creativity can make your ceremony truly meaningful. Your ceremony can have completely traditional elements, or you can make up some traditions of your own. Your ceremony is about the two of you so feel comfortable personalizing it to work for you.