Organized October: Think HOW

Planning a wedding is a daunting endeavor. There are so many tasks - big and small - from booking the venue to ordering sparklers for a send off. To top it off, everyone has an opinion and feels compelled to offer those opinions, oftentimes uninvited. The pressures to create a beautiful affair without missing any of the details can lead to stress and nightmares. So where do you even begin? It's important to stay as organized as possible. Being organized throughout the planning process will make the process easier and far less stressful. But the first place to start is to think about your overall goals. What kind of event do you want? What do you envision you will be doing on your wedding day? And most importantly, HOW do you plan to achieve these goals? 

These are the most important questions that many people forget to ask themselves when they start planning. So many married couples express regret over not thinking of the HOW in the beginning of their planning stage. They plan their weddings with the what in mind but then find that on their wedding day, they haven't thought of how those goals will come about. They find out too late that they want to enjoy the day rather than run the event and act as hosts, or have their family and friends act as hosts. This is why it is important to sit down and write out your goals. Does a full service or day of coordinator make more sense for you? Full service will offer comprehensive assistance throughout the entire planning process. A full service planner will always be able to handle the day of better than they would as a day of coordinator, allowing you to relax and enjoy the wedding you've imagined and created. Think of your planner as the answer to the big HOW question that is so critical to consider early on. 

Once you have your overall wedding goals in place and an idea of how you would like to achieve them, it's time to start planning! Next week, I'll be going over the large planning steps like budgeting, guest lists and selecting a venue and in which order to tackle them!